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Yachts Served
85  %
Returning Rate

At ES, we firmly believe that the trust shared between a yacht Chef and their Provisioner is the key differentiator in the world of yachting supply. With a legacy spanning since 1980, our unwavering commitment has always revolved around this core principle, yielding tangible results. We have fostered unparalleled relationships with our clients, proudly serving over 260 yachts and superyachts, while enjoying a remarkable client return rate of over 85%.

Anticipating and understanding every possible scenario has become second nature to us. We handle all shipments and deliveries with utmost care and efficiency, recognizing that nothing influences the success of a voyage more than the quality of the plated food. This profound sense of responsibility drives us to excel in our craft, ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience for every journey.

At our core, we hold immense pride in our direct collaboration with niche farmers, butchers, and fishmongers to ensure our clients receive the highest quality produce available. From fresh and frozen seafood, delectable shellfish, to prized Wagyu, Kobe, and Prime beef, as well as organic game, free-range poultry, Asian delicacies, European confections, an unparalleled assortment of cheeses, custom desserts, and much more – we curate only the freshest and most exceptional ingredients. 

With utmost dedication, we prioritize the preservation of the cold chain, guaranteeing that these niche ingredients are supplied directly onboard, maintaining their freshness and integrity. Recognizing that our reputation is at stake with every delivery, we consider quality to be of utmost importance to us. It is our unwavering commitment to excellence that drives us to source and deliver ingredients that truly elevate the culinary experience for our valued clients.