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Best food from best sources

At ES, we take great pride in sourcing the finest, freshest, and most exclusive ingredients from trusted suppliers around the globe. Our meticulous selection process ensures that every item meets the highest standards of quality, allowing us to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients. 

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we understand that precision, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Our streamlined logistics and meticulous attention to detail guarantee smooth and punctual deliveries, providing our clients with peace of mind and uninterrupted culinary perfection. 

Join us on this gastronomic journey where we combine our unrivaled industry knowledge, culinary finesse, and dedication to exceptional service. Discover why ES is the preferred choice of superyacht chefs and captains for all their food and beverage provisioning needs. Experience excellence with every order


Welcome to Excellence Suppliers, the epitome of excellence in food and beverage provisioning for the superyacht industry. With a team boasting over 50 years of combined experience as chefs and captains onboard luxurious superyachts, we bring a deep understanding of the unique culinary demands of this elite industry.

Our passion for delivering top-notch provisions is fueled by our firsthand knowledge and expertise. We have personally witnessed the transformative power of exceptional ingredients in creating unforgettable dining experiences.

Our Promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver fresh, sustainable and organic products.

Enzo Esposito, CEO

Our Philosophy


Fresh ingredients

the foundation of every recipe


with love

Premium Quality

only certified and trusted suppliers